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Flowers That’ll Add Some Irish Flair for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that not only celebrates Irish heritage, but also marks the beginning of spring. Flowers are an ideal way to decorate for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration or to spread the joy of this holiday to loved ones. Green is an obvious color choice, but you can also incorporate other colors into your floral arrangement.


Simple Carnations

Create a bouquet of simple green carnations. Purchase white carnations and place them in water that has been dyed green with food coloring. As the carnations absorb the water, the blooms will turn green — the longer they are submerged in the water, the darker green they will turn. Once they’ve reached the color you desire, remove them from the water and arrange them in a tight clutch. If you’d like, add a minimal adornment of baby’s breath to the bouquet.


Green Elegance

Large blooms of green hydrangea serve as the focal point of this elegant St. Patrick’s Day floral arrangement. Cut them at varied lengths at place the taller flowers in the center of the bouquet and the shorter ones around the outside. Drape vines of green ivy over the top of the hydrangea for added interest and drama.

Clip the stems of the flowers in varying heights, placing the taller blooms in the center of your bouquet and the shorter ones around the outside of the arrangement. Cut two or three lengths of green ivy and place them in the bouquet so that they drape over the top of the hydrangea. Add a few green hypericum berries to the mix, set the completed bouquet in a crystal vase and you’ll have an elegant, green bouquet.

flowers-bells-of-irelandBells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland are an appropriate flower for St. Patrick’s Day, not only because of the color, but also because of the name. Create a delicate display by placing individual, long stalks of the flowers in thin, silver vases. Place the vases, side by side, in the center of a table. Add drama to the display by placing a few white or green tea lights around the base of the vases.

White Roses and Clover

White roses and green clover coupled together make a sweet arrangement. Fill a glass bowl with water. Clip the blooms off of the stems of white roses and float them on the water. Float some green clover in the bowl and scatter some around the outside of the bowl, as well.


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